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HAND (Human & Digital) HAND brings simplicity and scale to talent identity in a human and digital world. Our groundbreaking talent ID framework enables reliable verification of real individuals, virtual counterparts, and fictional entities. As virtual representation grows, tools proving authenticity are essential. Authorized by the DOI Foundation, HAND’s registry meets emerging needs for talent provenance and standardization in the digital age.


Build with HAND! Join our debut beta program partners from Wild Capture, Fabric Data, Nash Info Services (Opus Data), The Scan Truck, and MetaRex Media. Get early platform access, input on roadmap prioritization, and trial API requests. Spots are limited – apply now!

HAND @ IBC 2023

HAND participated in two IBC Accelerator projects::


Real-Time XR Sport Edge Accelerator
In this Accelerator, HAND provided unique talent identification to notable Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters (both real persons & their digital twins) to ensure Talent integrity in next-gen virtual sports broadcasts. 




Synthetic Humans For Entertainment and Accessibility Accelerator
For this Accelerator, HAND authenticated both real and virtual Talent with unique, interoperable IDs. The collaborations demonstrated HAND’s commitment to bringing trust and transparency to emerging media technologies.


Working with data experts from film, TV, sports, and music, HAND has developed a new SaaS-based, B2B focused Talent ID standard, built for the performing arts & sports industry’s talent identity needs of 2023 and beyond.


HAND provides persistent, interoperable, and unique IDs for human talent, their licensed virtual identities, and fictional characters in sports and entertainment 

HAND enables reliable verification and distinction of real individuals, virtual avatars, and fictional entities 

HAND brings standardization and transparency to talent authentication in an emerging digital landscape 

HAND Talent ID registry was designed to help tackle challenges like AI-generated content and virtual world representation


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Using AI-generated duplicates, brands also benefit, using stars in ways they never could before

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Better (AI) Licensing Through Metadata

‘HAND ID’…could be used both to verify unauthorized uses for takedown notices and to provide performers a quantifiable mechanism for authorizing uses.

By Paul Sweeting | July 31, 2023

Human and Digital (HAND): A New Approach to Identity in M&E

The” origins of HAND, how its new Citation-Backed Notability holistic system connects the dots to define what makes talent notable, and why the industry needs something like HAND in today’s chaotic digital-first world.

By Chris Tribbey | September 08, 2022



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